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School of International Education Held Series Academic Lectures----HK community work

        On October 13th , 2017, School of International Education held an academic lecture themed “Hong Kong community work in economic globalization”. The lecture was given by Prof. Feng Guojian from City University of Hong Kong, which was attended by students of 2017  Mofcom Foreign Aid Degree Program. The aim of the lecture was to let the students understand how social work in different  regions coping the problems existing due to economic globalization, through the case analysis of HK community work, so that the students could have an all-around understanding of the multipulization of social work of different regions.

  Firstly, Prof. Feng gave a simple review of the history of Hong Kong social work. Moreover, Prof. Feng introduced the background of present situation of economic development, and the changes in the field of social work in HK due to different economic development status, especially the problems and difficulties occurred from the social work practices. In the end, Prof. Feng talked about the HKSAR government’s policy support targeting these problems, like encouraging community to make full use of civil resources to help individuals and families solve problems.

  During the lecture, the students listened carefully and participated actively, and raised many questions of their interest, many of which were related to their own countries. Students were looking forward to bring what the professor introduced back home, in the way of combining China experiences and local situations together to solve the problems existing in their countries.


  Feng Guojian is a professor of social work at the City University of Hong Kong, and also the chairman of Training and Professional Development committee and Publications Committee of  International Association for Community Development.