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The Constitution of the Research Center for Translation Studies, China Women’s University

Chapter I   General Provisions

Article 1

The English name of this institution is The Research Center for Translation Studies, China Women’s University.

Article 2
The Research Center for Translation Studies, China Women’s University (hereinafter referred to as RCTS) is established according to The Interim Measures for the Establishment and Administration of Non-profit Research Institutions at China Women’s University.

Article 3
RCTS is attached to the Department of Foreign Languages of China Women’s University.

Article 4

The guiding principles of RCTS are to:
1) Combine theory with practice. RCTS lays stress on both translation practices and theoretical reflections; 2) Combine teaching with research. RCTS lays stress on both the acquisition of inspiration and experience from teaching translation-related courses and the application of academic research findings to classroom teaching; and 3) Combine academic research with translation service. RCTS lays stress on both academic exchanges and providing translation services in China Women’s University and elsewhere.

Chapter II   Missions

Article 5

RCTS shall apply for research projects and operational funds, and carry out the research projects through teamwork.

Article 6
RCTS shall carry out academic exchanges in various forms.

Article 7
RCTS shall carry out research on teaching of translation and literary translation practices, and have the research achievements published.

Article 8
RCTS shall provide translation services, consultations and training programs for government institutions, organizations and enterprises at all levels.

Chapter III   Organizational Structure

Article 9

RCTS shall have one director, one associate director and a number of research members. An advisory board may be set up as required.

Article 10
The director is responsible for the operations of RCTS. The main responsibilities of the director are to:
1)Fully implement the missions prescribed in Chapter II;
2)Invite or nominate the associate director, the research members and assistants;
3)Manage the day-to-day operations and approve expenditure;
4)Report the work of RCTS to the Administration Office of Scientific Research as well as the Department of Foreign Languages.

Article 11
RCTS shall set up research archives and put these in the charge of specially assigned members. The archives shall include:
1)Establishment files of RCTS and invitation or appointment agreements;
2)Approval notices and contracts of research projects;
3)Certificates and awards of research achievements;
4)Documents related to domestic and international academic exchanges;
5)Accounting journals of the project fund;
6)Work summaries, plans, and inspection and evaluation reports, etc.

Article 12
RCTS shall hold a meeting every year. Occasional meetings shall be held with the director’s approval. The agenda of the meetings shall include:
1) Summarizing the past work and laying out plans for the next stage;
2) Discussing and deciding on the applications for relevant projects;
3) Revising the constitution of RCTS;
4) Reporting utilization of funds; and,
5) Miscellaneous items.

Chapter IV   Membership

Article 13

RCTS does not have restrictions on membership. Teachers and students from both home and abroad, both in CWU and from outside, may apply for membership.

Article 14

Anyone may submit a written application for membership on the condition that he/she agrees with this constitution, is dedicated to translation, and has experience in translation studies or translation practice to a certain extent. Only when the application is approved by the plenary meeting can the applicant be admitted to RCTS.

Article 15
Members of RCTS shall enjoy the following rights:
1)To participate in activities organized by RCTS;
2)To review the work of RCTS and offer critical opinion and suggestions;
3)To receive necessary subsidies for the publication and evaluation of research accomplishments;
4)To withdraw from the membership of RCTS (a written application is required).

Article 16
Members of RCTS shall fulfill the following obligations:
1)To voluntarily defend the reputation and legal rights of RCTS, and abide by all its regulations;
2)To actively work with the other members and strive for research projects through teamwork;
3)To conscientiously complete translation research assignments on time, make efforts in translation practice, and consistently bring out the research results;
4)To voluntarily abide by the academic norms, and fight against plagiarism and illegal publications.

Chapter V   Supplementary Provisions

Article 17

This constitution takes effect on the date (June 7, 2012) when it is approved by all the members at the founding meeting of RCTS.

Article 18
The right of interpretation of this constitution shall reside in RCTS.