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The RCTS Logo

     The logo represents the scope of our work. “RCTS” placed in the middle is the acronym for Research Centre for Translation Studies. The color Red is preferred for its boldness and popularity in the Chinese culture and to match the color of CWU’s logo. The two arrows forming a flowing circle stand for translation based on cross-cultural concepts and the decoding-encoding process between two language cultures. The dark blue is meant to call to mind the seriousness of practice and research in translation studies, which are our two principal endeavors.


      Liu Meng (middle, front), Vice President of CWU, Zhou Yingjiang (1st R, front), Director of the Division of Scientific Research, and Han Yan (2nd L, front), Vice Dean of the Department of Foreign Languages, on the occasion of the founding of RCTS in June 2012.


     The logo of RCTS was approved at the 2nd plenary meeting in July 2012. Li Miao (2nd R, front), Manager of the Department of Language Services of Confucius Institute Headquarters, and Liu Xiangyu (1st R, front), representative of the Chinese University of Hong Kong were present.