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Research Papers

1. Zhang Qi, Wang Lijuan. Translations at Mt. Lushan from the Eco-Translatology Perspective. Journal of PLA Academy of Art. 2015 Supplement: 51-53.

2. Chen Lijun. Discussion on Intercultural Communication through Analyzing the Translations of “Shi” in Five English Versions of Analects of Confucius. Journal of Higher Education Finance. 2015(3): 65-71.

3. Ding Zhangang. Domestication and Foreignization: A Unity of Opposites in Cultural Translation. Proceedings of the 2015 Northeast Asia International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature and Teaching. Listed in CPCI-SSH. July 17-18, 2015. New Vision Press. Volume II: 237-243.

4. Chen Tao, Ding Zhangang. Time and Memory: Narrative Puzzle of Mother’s Falls in Who is Mr Satoshi. Journal of China Women’s University. 2014(1): 123-128.

5. Chen Lijun. On the Interaction and Influence of Cultures from James Legge’s Translation of Chinese Classics. Journal of China Women’s University. 2010(6): 110-114.

6. Ma Yiran. Put Feminist Translation Theory into General Education. Journal of China Women’s University. 2010(4): 120-123.

7. Ding Zhangang. The Interpretation of Multidigit Numbers from the Perspective of Chinese-English Number Differences. Foreign Language and Literature. 2009(5): 86-89.